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Not to be confused with the ninth stage of LocoRoco 2, Yamboona Tree 1.

Yamboona Tree 1 is the eight stage of LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.

Statistics and Level Info

Gold Medal Time: 2:05

Gold Medal Score: 430000

Gold Medal LocoRoco: 4

Gold Medal Pickories: 701


Hidden Pickories:
Right at the start, jump toward the green creature and bounce towards the left side to a hidden region with lots of pickories.
When you encounter the large green creature, hop on it and follow it up to the top. When it reaches the top, it will spin around 360 degrees and then take you up to a hidden with lots of Pickories (While the green creature spins 360 degrees, maintain the 'boing' action for extra points). Take the breeze to go back to the bottom after you collect them all.

Hidden MuiMui:
After you swing over, jump on the first trampoline but do not jump on the second trampoline. Instead, jump and wall bounce up to the area above and on the left of the second trampoline.

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