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LocoRoco Viole
ColorPurple (body)

Dark violet (hair)
Turquoise (eyes)
Lavender (eye shadows)
Light purple (lips)

TitleConfident Tomboy
First AppearanceLocoRoco 2
Favorite ZoneKelapton
Theme SongArten Daffu
Voiced ByMichelle143

Viole (ヴィオレ Viore) is the violet LocoRoco whose title is known as the Confident Tomboy. She is unlocked as the second LocoRoco in LocoRoco 2.


Viole is a purple-colored LocoRoco with dark violet three sets of hairs on top. She has half opened turquoise eyes, lavender eye shadows and big purple kiss-shaped lips.

When Viole eats a berry or absorbing a second Viole, her three sets of hairs grow into seven sets of hairs.

She appears in LocoRoco 2 in the story cutscene, "Meet Bonmucho", when Bonmucho orders the Moja to cause trouble. Viole spots the Moja and hides. When she comes out of hiding, she meets the yellow LocoRoco named Kulche.


Viole is tough and acts like Kulche's protector. She isn't scared of anything, especially not the Mojas. Despite the fact that she isn't scared of Mojas, she is scared of them for disturbing her nap on Meet Bonmucho, but thanks to Kulche, she isn't scared of them anymore.


  • Viole's name could be coming from the word "violet", which violet matches her color.
  • Viole, Pekeroné and Chavez are the only LocoRocos to not have their hair color match as their body color.
  • Viole is the only LocoRoco who doesn't sing her theme song from the start of her full theme song.
    • Viole is the only LocoRoco whose image song has stop the song while the song is playing in a stage.
  • Viole and Priffy are so far the only female LocoRocos in the series.
  • Viole and Chavez are the only LocoRocos who are not included in the LittleBigPlanet LocoRoco Costume Kit.


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