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LocoRoco Unphook


Unphook (ウンフーク Unfu-ku) is a strange hedgehog-like creature and can be found in LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2.


Unphook mainly live in Tropuca and CaloCaro but can be found generally everywhere.


Unphook swallow LocoRocos before changing their shapes. The shapes that the LocoRoco can be changed are square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and semi-circle. (Beware that an oval or rectangle LocoRoco is hard to control and maneuver through the stage.)

Unphook can either spit the whole LocoRoco with a changed shape, or spit one by one with different shapes. The latter usually occurs when Unphook is near the stage goal. LocoRocos of different shapes merge into an oval shape LocoRoco.


  • In the cutscene Unphook's Secret, it is revealed how Unphook can change LocoRoco's shape.
  • In LocoRoco, the Unphook releases the LocoRoco with many chews whereas in LocoRoco 2, the Unphook releases the LocoRoco with only one chew.
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