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LocoRoco Tupley
ColorBlue (body)

Black (eyes)
Peach pink (lips)

TitleVoracious Fella
First AppearanceLocoRoco
Favorite ZoneChapo-Wahr
Theme SongTajya Natata
Voiced ByGreg Irwin

Tupley (タプレ Tapure) is the blue LocoRoco whose title is known as the Voracious Fella. He is unlocked as the third LocoRoco in LocoRoco and unlocked as the seventh LocoRoco in LocoRoco 2.


Tupley is a blue-colored LocoRoco with round, curved double antennas on top. He has small black eyes and big pink lips.

When Tupley eats a berry or absorbing a second Tupley, his two sets of antennas grows into three sets of antennas.


Tupley actually has a mature personality yet having a huge appetite. He is seen eating nuts and chilling out, but will leap at anything edible; hence his title name "voracious."

Appearances in other media

LittleBigPlanet - Tupley (along with Kulche, Priffy, Pekeroné and Budzi) appeared as a costume for the Sackperson.


  • Tupley along with Budzi are one of the only male LocoRocos that have lips.
  • Tupley and Pekeroné have exactly the same eye size and color.


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