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This page is all of the stamps that are used for the Stamp Sheets in LocoRoco 2.

Image Stamp Name Description
Kulche A Kulche loves to sing and dance in Perculoka!
Kulche B He's a bit timid, but quite adventurous!
Kulche C Says "Ehtohleh!" when it's happy.
Kulche D Says "Ehtohleh! Pokuolatte!" when it's very happy.
Kulche E Says "Warronga!" when it sniffs something in the bushes.
Kulche F Says "Konah!?" when it finds a seed.
Viole A Viole loves to hopscotch across mushrooms in Kelapton!
Viole B This tough tomboy isn't scared of anyone, even the Mojas!
Viole C Says "Deya!?" when it finds a breakable wall.
Viole D Yells "Batte Pignoy" when fighting.
Budzi A Budzi is usually in Dolangomeri having lots of fun picking fights!
Budzi B Loves to hum his favorite songs, but can really lose his temper too.
Budzi C Says "Pellejitta!" when it's in a bad mood.
Budzi D Says "Baccan-nee! Agulesso-roleeta!" when it's in a very bad mood.

Image Stamp Name Description
Pekeroné A Bumping around in Tropuca!
Pekeroné B Can fast-talk his way out of all sorts of trouble.
Pekeroné C Says "Pekere-teshi!" when it needs help.
Pekeroné D Says "Cherancah!" when it's happy about finding a LocoRoco tree.
Pekeroné E Says "Whee! Putokuwhe-wai!" when piled up high.
Chavez A Chavez loves to slide around the snowy slopes of Shamplin!
Chavez B Acts cool and aloof, but gives all he's got when it really matters.
Chavez C Shouts "Pullanii!" when it's happy to be flying high.
Chavez D Says "Tooey tooey!" which means "Hello."
Priffy A Usually found chatting to friends in Franzea!
Priffy B Always bright and cheerful! but sometimes a little clumsy, too.
Priffy C Says "Noi! Cheburratta-roi!" when calling a friend.
Priffy D Says "Muh-sheeka!" when it finds Lady Moon.
Priffy E Says "Tabaraahn!" when it finds Sir Sun.

Image Stamp Name Description
Tupley A Tupley loves to lie around eating nuts in Chapo-Wahr!
Tupley B Loves to chill, but will leap at anything edible!
Tupley C Says "Moja!" when it needs to be saved from Moja.
Tupley D Says "Ketchoo-poo" when he's hungry.
Fading LocoRoco A LocoRoco was stung by a Thorn! Grab the little one before it disappears!
Cocoreccho "I love singing LocoRoco! I'll follow them anywhere!"
GiGi Has lots of nectar tucked away in its swollen tummy.
Olmee Has back hair so stiff that you couldn't even hammer it down.
Humming Nyokki Loves being in the sun and can't stop humming in nice weather.
Angry Nyokki Always angry, everyday! Out pops the head and the roof flew away!
Hohoh Loves to tickle his toes with LocoRoco. Don't let him step on you!
Finmoot Gamumuht lives in the snowy peaks, and throws snowballs at LocoRoco!
Domingo Quite a timid one. Loves to collect treasure.
Domingo Yahna This rare Domingo girl is ever so shy!

Image Stamp Name Description
Domingo-Pepe This Domingo may be big, but he's a little scaredy cat!
Domingo-Popo The boss of Domingo and friends. Loves a bit of a tussle.
Domingo-Mama The Domingo-Mama can beckon all the Domingos.
NyoNyokki Nyokki's children. The three of them are all best friends!
Sleepy Nyokki In the way everyday. Even the MuiMui fall asleep. Bui Bui gave him for makeover.
Gamumuht Gamumuht loves mischief and can surprise LocoRoco with a shout.
Axe Gamumuht A plant that grabs LocoRoco with a seed-like tentacle.
Cappulicho Loves to nab LocoRoco with his long tentacles!
Butraganeau Loves to nab LocoRoco with his long tentacles!
Butra-gabbley The elder Butraganeau is an experienced LocoRoco snatcher!
Gnuphik Loves to splash around in water. The flowers nearby love it.
Apokay Hogs the ivy and makes trouble.
Purilla This bird migrates hither and thither, chirping sonorously.
MoraMora This young MoraMora devours anything that moves!

Image Stamp Name Description
Bolatchio and Putchi Bolatchio and Putchi are great friends! Putchi cleans Bolatchio's teeth.
Gajole Covered in black thorns. Similar to a Togecchi... but different.
Tingalo Wears a favorite shell as a hat when off on its daily walk.
Tingaloné Hides his precious Pickories and takes a walk in the sea!
Tchagon Usually quite calm, but never disturb him when he's napping!
Tchemoni Careful! Don't let his funny face fool you!
Kakaloné Look at that tail! She reaches for the sky in big leaps!
Frappy She loves to nap. Show her how good LocoRoco can swim!
Moonie Each one is very tiny, but together they're a big help!
Bocchollo Don't let a LocoRoco get close, or he'll shoot Thorns!
Mombulo This Bocchollo got fat after eating too many nuts!
Garnelo Thrill-seeking boss of the birds. Are you brave enough to ride on it?
Unphook Sucks LocoRoco in and changes their shape!
Togeccho A thorn that's come to life. Wants to play with LocoRoco.

Image Stamp Name Description
Mootohn This lazy bird is snoozing right on the road! Push him aside!
Zukelo This meek basket worm is hiding something in her basket!
Kapetta Loves to knock on trees in rhythm with his big beak!
Pokke Eldest and loudest of three brothers.
Pikke The second of three children and most skilled at flying.
Pukke Youngest of three siblings. He's the biggest baby!
Moflee This gossip-loving bird will fly anywhere to get a scoop!
Yokke This baby bird hides in an egg shell, waiting for mommy!
Chuppa Has a singing voice like a trumpet. Can blow the LocoRoco up high.
Chuppa Pooh Red Chuppas launch LocoRoco further than blue ones!
Koona-Koona Children with endless curiousity, who might take you for a walk in the sky.
Koona-Mama Koona-Mama watches over all the Koona Koona clouds.
Koona-pok This Koona causes trouble by blowing fierce winds!
Lady Moon This friend of the stars glows warmly to soothe us to sleep!

Image Stamp Name Description
Kelakera Loves to gather and gossip. Likes to tickle LocoRoco.
Mooskoos Dragging LocoRoco underground and devouring them?! Fiendish!
Hippoli Surprise this jumpy mushroom and his head will enlarge!
Ballo de Bobombo He's teaching the baby on his back to catch Pickory insects!
Dancing Nyokki A These Nyokkis love to groove! The MuiMui do their hairstyle for them.
Dancing Nyokki B These Nyokkis love to groove! They make a fantastic dance trio!
Dancing Nyokki C These Nyokkis love to dance! They even jiggle in their sleep!
Afro Nyokki The little Nyokki found an afro! MuiMui wants one too!
Sir Sun This friend of the stars gives energy and life to all!
Jamumuht This Gamumuht from CaloCaro throws torches at LocoRoco!
Dogan A great horned beast of CaloCaro!
Polkee An animal in CaloCaro with a very long neck!
Pumaroo Elusive CaloCaro creature! Loves the slim, tall Hyumaroo!
Amaroo Elusive CaloCaro creature! Always nibbling on Pumaroo's snacks!

Image Stamp Name Description
Chomaroo Elusive CaloCaro creature! Likes to sleep next to Amaroo!
Hyumaroo Elusive CaloCaro creature! Does his hair like Chomaroo!
Funguropa Singing bats! Father and son! Sleep by day, sing by night!
Donchargo A sleepy tree native to Dolangomeri that likes to surprise LocoRoco!
Doonga Doonga This little thing grows under-ground, waiting to be yanked out!
MuiMui A They are hiding in different places. Can you find them all?

MuiMui B

MuiMui have four hairs!
MuiMui C The MuiMui love singing, dancing AND LocoRoco!
MuiMui D Ton ten kan ten. What to make today?
MuiMui Expedition The globe-trotting MuiMui write about what they see!
MuiMui King Fabulous at dancing. When the king dances, EVERYONE wants to dance.
MuiMui Plane The courageous MuiMui. They got onto the airship for everyone!
BuiBui A Loves pranks and inventing things! Really loves having fun!
BuiBui B BuiBui have one hair!

Image Stamp Name Description
BuiBui C If a MuiMui is kissed, it turns into a rival BuiBui!
BuiBui Robo BuiBui make robots to cause trouble. Don't forget to oil!
BuiBui Cannon BuiBui send LocoRoco flying with this little water cannon!
BuiBui Plane Type 1 The BuiBui built this lightning-fast plane to make trouble!
BuiBui Plane Type 2 The BuiBui built this plane to cause trouble. Faster than Type 1!
BuiBui Plane Type 3 The BuiBui built this plane to cause trouble. Even faster than Type 2!
BuiBui Plane Type 4 One BuiBui flies, one fires missiles and one messes around!
BuiBui Plane Type 5 The BuiBui built this plane for fun. Don't let the power arm grab you!
BuiBui Battleship This big BuiBui airship has a very nasty surprise!
Koja It weighs down the poor LocoRoco! Weakness: water.
Moja Mojas love to munch LocoRoco. Moja bunyo will sap your energy!
Oja Eats more than a Moja. Try to catch him asleep!
Ojaja Oja's big brother. He's even stronger than Oja!
Mojallah A Moja with a rock-hard hairdo. Pull on his favorite long hair!

Image Stamp Name Description
BuiBui and Ojallah Hard-hair Oja and 3 BuiBui. Find the ultra-sensitve hair!
Bonmucho This Moja big daddy has come back for revenge!
Mutated Bonmucho Bonmucho transforms when it gets mad! Run away!
Majoliné Mama Bonmucho loves to munch on sweets and MuiMui!
Mutated Majoliné Majoline transforms when it gets mad, BuiBui as get him bad!
Galanmar Thanks for saving me! Loco Race unlocked! Hmm... Do I look familiar?
Mutated Galanmar So, she was friends with Bonmucho! What's she up to?
1 Pickory Insect This insect holds a pretty little Pickory.
10 Pickory Insect Insect that holds mature Pickory.
50 Pickory Insect Insect that holds rare Pickory.
Item Insect This insect landed on an item.You found Mui Mui and him transforms this item insect!
Togeh These black spikes really sting.
Note A These notes will pop up here and there on each stage.
Note B These notes will pop up here and there on each stage.

Image Stamp Name Description
Note C These notes will pop up here and there on each stage.
Orange Leaf These were found falling in Franzea!
Yellow Leaf These were found falling in Franzea!
Snowflake A The kind that fall in Shamplin!
Snowflake B The kind that fall in Shamplin!
Green Leaf The kind that fall in Jaojab
Brown Leaf The kind that fall in Yamboona Tree!
Golden Leaf The kind that fall in Yamboona Tree!
Orange Petals The kind that fall in Dolangomeri!
Yellow Petals The kind that fall in Kelapton!
Star Shard The kind that fall in Chapo-Wahr!
Triangular Leaf These were found falling in CaloCaro!
Square Leaf These were found falling in CaloCaro!
Spiral Leaf The kind that fall in Dolangomeri!

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