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Not to be confused with the ninth stage of LocoRoco 2, Shamplin 2.

Shamplin 2 is the ninth stage of LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.

Statistics and Level Info

Gold Medal Time: 1:00

Gold Medal Score: 430000

Gold Medal LocoRoco: 5

Gold Medal Pickories: 573


MuiMui + Hidden Pickories:
From the starting area, go down the U-shaped tunnel but don't jump out to the right. Instead, drop back to the U-shaped tunnel and use the momentum to bring you to the upper region. Do a zig zag bounce at the top section to reveal the hidden area. You have to follow the Pickories path closely to pick them all up and reach the MuiMui at the end. Take the breeze back to the starting area.</p>

Hidden Pickories:
1. After passing the Moja, you will enter a long passage with a very straight pipe like exit. If you aim properly, you will be able to land in a hidden section with Pickories instead of the passage below.
2. There is a hidden passage with Pickories just above the exit. If you take the passage mention in #1, you should be able to enter this passage and reach the exit.</p>

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