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The Pickories are "fly" like creatures in the LocoRoco series.


Pickories have the appearance of a fly with round colored "bodies" depending on the variety.


Pickories in the games are collected all over the levels depicted as a fruit being carried by a bug. They are generally used as a currency, with the player being able to play mini-games and purchase Loco House parts with them.


  • 1 Pickory Insect
  • 10 Pickory Insect

1 Pickory Insect: Colored magenta, worth 1 point of pickory.

10 Pickory Insect: Colored orange, worth 10 points of baby pickories.

50 Pickory Insect: Flickering white pickories which resembles fireflies, worth 50 points of baby pickories and are very rare.

In LocoRoco 2, collecting 100 Musical Notes in a level with increase the radius LocoRoco will eat pickories in.


  • If you look closely, when the LocoRoco eats the pickory, the bug who was carrying the fruit will get out of the fruit (since the LocoRoco is eating the fruit) and it will spin around depicting it has been fainted.
  • In the video I Love Pickories, you can see how the Pickories started.
  • According to the Loco Stamps description, the pickory only refers to the fruit, not the bug itself.