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Perculoka 2 is a passive all-or-nothing stage, that is, you'll miss a thing with just a mistake, although would result no harm and instead, a "Stage Clear". You could even score a fastest recorded time in clearing this stage (as low as 20 seconds). Don't fall onto the water or you may be carried by the current and bring you immediately to the goal, missing other items.


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Items Found


Locations of the 3 MuiMui:

  1. ...
  2. In the second area, there is an extra area in the upper left, reachable by a bouncing platform.
  3. ...

Where to find the king?

Perculoka 2 king

In the third area, go up to the extra area above. To the left is a secret area.


  • Perculoka 2 is one of two stages (the other being BuiBui Fort 3) where Mojas don't thrive.
  • With no Moja and thorn/spike count, Perculoka 2 is the safest stage of LocoRoco 2.
    • However, Perculoka 2 is the stage where players get the lowest score of all stages.
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