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Perculoka 1 is the 2nd level of LocoRoco 2. The level takes place in Perculoka hence the name.


A mountain with a great view! Maybe that cool Nyokki will let me roll around in his afro!


Left of where the LocoRoco is dropped at the start, there is a berry on the ceiling and a hidden area containing a vegetable that will give musical notes when hit. Continuing right, there is a Doonga Doonga on the ceiling and another berry. Sliding down will end up blooming a plant with five berries, with more vegetables on the right. The giant one can be accessed via a hole in the ground, and sung to for an item and musical notes providing that there are five LocoRoco. Going down to the left involves jumping over a thorn and then jumping into a hole.

After a short journey, the LocoRoco will end up next to Afro Nyokki. Rolling into him will make him rise from the ground and then his afro can be knocked off. Climbing in, the LocoRoco can smash through the rocks on the left to obtain the berry and then continue on to the right. There is a large hill to roll down with berries to collect along the way. A berry is found after landing in a pit of thorns; these can be smashed with the afro, and then on the ledge to the left there are hidden rocks to smash through to get to the berry. Building up momentum to jump to the ledge on the right leads to a berry and a MuiMui. There is another berry to collect just before rolling down and ending the afro journey.

Past the drop with the vegetable is a Sleepy Nyokki which can be awoken with the singing of ten LocoRoco, revealing an item. On the right is a Hohoh with a vegetable above his head and a secret area containing a berry should a LocoRoco get past him. Below him is a plant to rummage through to get an item, and a hidden area on the left with a hole to journey back up to the Hohoh if the LocoRoco want to challenge him again. On the right is a Moja and some plants to grab and jump from. These lead up to a hole with a giant Hohoh statue where an item can be obtained. There is a hole to journey to the next area.

This Afro Nyokki's afro is painted with flowers. Smash through the rocks on the left and the afro will fall, hitting vegetables and thorns to get to berries. A large area with lots of floating circles can be difficult to navigate, but there is a device to push the afro back to the top should it fall. There is a button to press with will align the circles to make it easier to get to the secret area on the left with a MuiMui. There is another hill to roll down on the bottom left. Enough momentum has to be built up to get the berry underneath the first jump, and then the next hill must be cleared of rocks before going back and rolling with enough momentum to launch, clear the jump and collect a hidden item. There is a berry bud on the ceiling where the rocks must be cleared. The next jump must be completed with enough momentum to get to the hidden ledge and the berry. Then there is a tree to shake for musical notes and Pickories, and after a short drop, the afro journey is complete. The LocoRoco must split to get to the end of the stage, where there is a hidden area on the right.

Items Found


Locations of the 3 MuiMui:

  1. While rolling down the first hill in the brown fro, you'll be stopped by a U area with spikes inside to crush. Crush them all! Then get some good momentum going and roll up to your right above the lower path. Be sure to bounce as you make your way all the way over and onto a ledge where you will find the first muimui.
  2. While in the flowery fro, hit the button in the pachinko area and bounce back up to the top. Rather than going right to move down through the maze, jump rapidly up the left side and over the pegs into a hidden wall. Persist against the bouncers to rescue your second muimui.
  3. Above the tree in the last roll-about area (after you have passed under two platforms), roll fast and hit the jump right at the top of the arch to roll into a hidden area with a fruit. Keep balance as you fall to fall onto a small platform to the lower left of the hidden area and follow the platforms all the way to the left where the last muimui awaits! Be careful!! One slip means having to start all over again.. -.- Once you've fallen down to where the tree is, there is no getting back up the hill to try again.

BuiBui Race

Time to beat: ~3:57

Black Clouds

  1. To the right of the end there is a hidden area. Once in, you'll need the high jump ability to reach the clouds.
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