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ColorDark Blue
GenderUnknown; presumably male
Theme SongMuiMui
Voiced ByKemmei Adachi

The MuiMui (ムイムイ) are one of the LocoRoco's friends. They are one of the main "items" that can be found and collected during the levels in the LocoRoco series. They are usually hidden in the levels, off the beaten path and sometimes are difficult to find. In LocoRoco, the MuiMui you find contribute to music in the Loco House, whereas in LocoRoco 2 , MuiMui have their own house in BungaBongo. MuiMui found immediately go to the MuiMui House. In LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, each MuiMui found adds 100000 to the total score.


The MuiMui are small dark bluish humanoid creatures that have four strands of hairs.


All MuiMui have a single king, the MuiMui King. They are friendly and helpful to their friends and they are found throughout the game.


MuiMui can speak the LocoRoco language, MuiMui language, and international languages (only in speech bubbles). When singing, they sing any word in the LocoRoco language, but when talking all they say is "MuiMui" (often) and "Cocoreccho." (rarely)


MuiMui have their own them song called 'MuiMui' which can be played in the Loco House on LocoRoco. In LocoRoco 2, the song is played during the Loco Stamp mini-game and in the 'Sky Walk' cutscene. In Midnight Carnival, the song is played at the BuiBui Shop, but with the BuiBui singing rather than the MuiMui.

The MuiMui sings in every song in the first two games, aside from 'LocoRoco Song', the identified songs for each LocoRoco, 'BuiBui' and 'Moja Song'.

MuiMui also sing all background songs of LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2 stages except for BuiBui Fort. In LocoRoco, they can be heard singing in a level with only one LocoRoco while in LocoRoco 2, they can be heard singing in a level after a LocoRoco gets 10 berries.


  • In LocoRoco, when a LocoRoco founds a sleeping MuiMui, the LocoRoco says "MuiMui!" and after the LocoRoco is done finding the MuiMui, the Item Insect replaces the MuiMui. Then when the LocoRoco founds the Item Insect on MuiMui's room, the LocoRoco will say "Ehtohleh!".
    • However, in LocoRoco 2, when the LocoRoco founds the Item Insect on MuiMui's room, the LocoRoco will say "MuiMui!" rather than "Ehtohleh!". Alluding that the MuiMui was previously gotten.
  • In LocoRoco, the MuiMui turns into an Item when the LocoRoco founds the MuiMui while in LocoRoco 2, the MuiMui will give you an Item rather than turning into an Item.


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