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This gossip-loving bird will fly anywhere to get a scoop!
— Description in the Stamps at Page 6

Moflee is a bird creature in LocoRoco 2 that have a tail that is able to be bitten by a locoroco.

Moflees live in Yamboona tree 1 and 2, in Yamboona tree 2 they have a special role.In Yamboona Tree 2 You have to carry its egg to its nest to create another Moflee that will guide you to new areas. It is also a gossip-loving bird that will fly anywhere to get a scoop.


  • As seen in Loco stamp and game wallpapers, Moflees seem to be one color but actually Moflees have up to three colors.
  • The Egg of the Moflees actually have little sounds but if they are a Moflee the sound became more louder and more adult-like.
  • When your locoroco is about to move to another Moflee, The Moflees is actually looking like they are talking to each other.
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