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A list of costumes and items from LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.

List of Costumes/Items

Item Name Pickories Required Abilities
BuiBui Lucky Charm 100 Protects LocoRoco from Togeh once
Pickory Ball 10000 Attracts nearby Pickories
Replay Player 1000 Plays replays
Replay Recorder 3000 Records a replay, press "square" button when "Stage Clear" stats show
Nice Memory Camera 2000 Takes snapshots, press SELECT button during gameplay
Flower Pin 1000
Heart Glasse 1000 Emits hearts when doing a "Boing"
Hohoh Calf 1000
Face Paint 1000
Swimming Goggles 1000
Large Ribbon 1000
Pink Spots 1000
Saviour Mask 2000 Can rescue LocoRoco
BuiBui Mask 5000 Plays the Midnight Carnival Main Title theme
MuiMui Mask 5000 Plays the MuiMui theme
Moja Mask 5000 Plays the Moja song
Skeleton Mask 3000
Oni Mask 3000
BuiBui Junk 2000
Ghost Mask 3000
Shamplin Set 800
Clown Set 200
Party Set 500
Gentleman Set 1000
Christmas Set 2000 Plays the Christmas demo theme
Fancy Hat 3200
MuiMui Expedition Hat 2000 Plays the LocoRoco 2 theme
Regal Crown 10000 Plays the LocoRoco theme
Domingo Hat 1000
CaloCaro Helmet 500
Kelapton Beret 200
Straw Hat 200
Pirate Cap 800
Eggshell 1500
Colorful Hat 800
Hood 200
Yamboona Feathercap 2000
Chef's Hat 500
Ninja Hood 10000
Captain's Cap 5000
Samurai Helmet 5000
Chapo-Wahr Hat 1200
Jaojab Cap 1500
Dolangomeri Hat 1800
Tropuca Hat 500