Here are the LocoRoco Wiki's rules. Be sure to read them carefully!

LocoRoco should be spelled as "LocoRoco." No exceptions

Note that it's NOT spelled "Loco Roco", "loco roco", "locoroco" or "Locoroco."

The Japanese translation of (ロコロコ) is LocoRoco and it should be kept like this. This is why this wiki should keep all LocoRoco words as "LocoRoco".

Despite this rule, this wiki is named "Loco Roco Wiki" (notice the space). But still, when writing on articles, you still have to type "LocoRoco."

The word "LocoRoco" is not the only word to be correctly spelled but also the words MuiMui and BuiBui as well. The reason of this is because of the Japanese translation of these words. But some prefer to type "Mui Mui" rather than "MuiMui" but on this wiki, it should be spelled as "MuiMui."

Users don't need to follow this rule when typing on user pages, talk pages, forums, blog posts, etc. But you have to follow this rule only when writing on articles.


Capitalization is the most important thing on this wiki even when it comes to spelling. Here is a site that will help you how to capitalize words well.


If you can not spell or use grammar properly, then please write the intended article on any word program (MS Word, WordPad, Notepad) that will notify you of your mistakes so you can correct them. If you keep writing bad grammar and still refuse to either learn or use a correct program, then there is a (rare) chance for you to get banned.


Don't Do Edit Wars

No Vandalism

The LocoRoco Wiki has been formerly vandalized. It has been concluded and this wiki should NEVER BE VANDALIZED ever again! The consequences for vandalizing a page or a user page are:

  • 1 Month: Vandalizing 3 or more times.
  • 2 Months: Vandalism with profanity.
  • 3 Months or 1 Year: Vandalism with profanity 3 times or more.

Don't Add Fanon Stuff on Articles

Users are not allowed to add fanon stuff on articles in this wiki because it doesn't canonically have to do anything with the series. Users are allowed to add fanon stuff on their "user pages, comments and blogs only". Especially, the LocoRoco Fanon Wiki allows fanon stuff so feel free to add fanfictions on the Fanon Wiki!

No Swearing

LocoRoco is a kids games so users are not allowed to use swear words even when writing on articles and commenting on pages. But censored swearing is allowed with the use of asterisk (*) is tolerated. If users who are underage ask you what the censored word means, then DON'T TELL THEM!

No Racism

No Insulting Others

No Rudeness, Threatening or Slandering

No Harassing Other Users

No Feeding Trolls

No Blackmailing

The sentence "Revert my edit or I'll report you!" is an example of blackmailing. Because blackmailing is like threatening a user, the user who blackmails users can get banned.

No Personal Information

For your safety, please do not add personal info in your userpage. Asking someone what their age or real name is is fine, but if they don't want to tell you, don't force them.

No Vandalism on Userpages

Do not humiliate others userpages just because a person offends you. As the saying goes, "don't feed the trolls."

Do not Upload Fanart on Articles

Some wikis do not allow fan-art on articles but wikis such as Flipline Studios Wiki allows it.

This happens every so often, despite it being in the official rules because of copyright infringement. Regardless of how well the fan-picture is compared to official images, they shall not be used. Many people have ignored this image policy as of late so continual violations will result in serious consequences.

You are allowed to post fanart on private galleries, userpages, talk pages and for show only/discussion but any copyright violations will be deleted immediately and also any "orphaned" or unused pictures will be deleted on sight.

Also please remember that this is not an imageboard or a file dump so you should not just keep adding random pictures that are not related to LocoRoco! Then if you want, then ask the admins for permission.

Do not Upload Pictures that have Inappropriate Content

LocoRoco is a kids games so users are not allowed to upload inappropriate content such as rude, gory, pornographic or extreme videos, images or links. Images with inappropriate content will be PERMANENTLY DELETED.

If users keep on doing this, then the punishment will be a 1 MONTH BAN or a 1 YEAR BAN.

Image/File Names

Although the image/file names don't necessarily matter, you should try to keep them related to the image so if a user wants to use your image, it would make it easier for them to find it.
Remember, swearing is NOT ALLOWED in image/file names.

Video Policy

Adding YouTube videos is allowed but with a few provisions:

  • They must be related to the article: If you are trying to show a song or a cutscene is okay. Also video of characters must contain only that character (such as Kulche's theme song should be only placed in Kulche's page).
  • Videos must be placed so that they do not interfere with the general flow of the article.
  • If a video is deleted or removed from YouTube it must also be removed from the wiki. Then replace it with a similar existing one.

Blocking a User

A user can get blocked from vandalism, inserting false information, spamming, abusing multiple accounts (also known as sockpuppeting) or intimidating behavior/harassment.

However, only the administrator can block a user from doing these actions mentioned above. You can ask the administrator to block a user who was doing bad actions on this wiki.

If the admin hasn't been active for 60 or more days, contact one of the VSTF members by reporting them who is vandalizing or spamming the wiki.

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