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Welcome to the LocoRoco Wiki

The wiki about LocoRoco that anyone can edit This wiki currently has 259 articles since it's creation last April 4, 2008

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Did You Know...

  • that the language that the LocoRocos and other characters are speaking isn't a real language at all? That is because Tsutomu Kouno (the designer of the LocoRoco game) created a fictional language to avoid alienating foreign players by using Japanese language and Japanese music.
  • that the title LocoRoco have the first letters name L and R which is interestingly the main controls of the game? (the L and R buttons on the PSP)
  • that LocoRoco is similar to the Patapon franchise? That is because both games are developed by SCE Japan Studio, both games are published by Sony Computer Entertainment, both games are single-player video games, both are 2D PlayStation Portable games, both games have 3 game sequels in PSP, both games are related to music and rhythm, both games have characters that need teamwork (LocoRocos to be bigger and Patapons to make tribes), both games use non-living things to control the characters (the Earth for the LocoRocos and the talking drums for the Patapons), and Kemmei Adachi has worked and has been credited as a voice actor and a music director on both games.

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