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Loco Ball is a mini game from LocoRoco Midnight Carnival. Press the Circle or L button to launch LocoRoco. Try to avoid Butra-gabbley, Moja and Bochollo

How to Unlock

Unlocked after clearing Stage 6, Dolangomeri 1.


Each LocoRoco will cost you 20 pickories.


One of the 6 openings with be opened with a golden pickory. Try to aim so that a LocoRoco will land there and pick it up. If you managed to do so, the central opening will be opened. Take this opportunity to sent in as many LocoRoco to the central portion as possible. Keep on doing this and the central stage will undergoes a change that will produce a stage with many pickories and no enemies. You have a short amount of time to grab all of them up before everything resume to normal. If you managed to grab all of them, you will get another chance to do the pickories bonus stage. If you can maintain this stage infinitely, you can earn lots of pickories. The catch is to do this process with the minimal amount of LocoRoco so that you get a positive gain of pickories.