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LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

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Developer(s)SCE Japan Studio
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s)PlayStation Portable

Xperia Play

Release date(s)October 29, 2009 (NA)

November 1, 2009 (JP)

Genre(s)Platformer, Puzzle
Game List
PredecessorLocoRoco 2

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is the fourth and final LocoRoco game of the LocoRoco series. They have a new ability called "boing". The "boing" makes the LocoRoco bounce higher and bounce in walls. The game was released on October 29, 2009 in North America and on November 1, 2009 in Japan.


Once upon a time, on a late, sleepy night...

The BuiBui came to cause trouble and fright!

The mischievous rascals sang their old tune,

and kidnapped LocoRoco right under the moon!

Deep in the depths of the great BuiBui castle,

the LocoRoco were put through to a terrible hassle!

With what were the mischievous BuiBui toying?

Now the poor LocoRoco bounce with a BOING!

But the LocoRoco are not ones to mope

Perhaps this new Boing is a reason for hope?

Use it to bounce through the BuiBui built stages.

Complete the perilous BuiBui built stages,

to help the LocoRoco back to a safe haven!

Game Play

Movement and controls

The game controls are quite simple.

L button - tilt the screen left

R button - tilt the screen right

L+R button then release any one of them - Jump

Circle (tap) - split big LocoRocos into smaller ones.

Circle (hold) - merge all the small LocoRocos into one.

First of all, you may want to master the jump. Depending on when you release the triggers, the LocoRoco will jump a different height. At time, you need to learn how to control the magnitude of your jumps when clearing certain stages.

Wall jumps - this can be done by tilting and releasing the triggers alternatively.

For example, perform a jump toward the right wall, hold the right trigger. When the LocoRoco hit the right wall, release the right trigger and hold the left trigger. When it hits the left wall, release the left trigger and hold the right trigger.

Boing - Each time you jump successfully, your boing counter will increases, up to a maximum of 100. After that, you will get +1000 to your score for each successful boing. After 100 boing, the timing becomes difficult. Boing will end if LocoRoco:

  • Just landed on the ground flat without jumping
  • Is hit by a thorn
  • Is devoured by a Moja
  • Is not able to maintain jumps after 100 Boing

Note: Your LocoRoco should be merged into one to execute a Boing!

LocoRoco Rescue

When a LocoRoco is injured (Moja devour, thorns), immediately catch the "fading" LocoRoco or else it will die and lose you one.


If you encounter a checkpoint (a statue of a "fading" LocoRoco), you can be redirected there after a game over. However it will cost you 300 pickories, it can only be used 3 times per checkpoint. After the 3rd game over, the checkpoint will now cost 500 Pickories. After the 6th game over, subsequent uses of the checkpoint will cost 1000 Pickories thereafter. The checkpoint of a stage will disappear if you clear the level at least once.

Scoring Mechanics

The scoring of each level is based various aspects of the game like obtaining berries and pickories, defeating enemies, and Boing.

Game Mechanics

Boing Jump: 10 and additional 10 points for each jump. (10,20,30...990). At 100 and subsequent Boing, it caps at 1000 points.

Finding MuiMui: 100000


LocoRoco berry: 2000

1 Pickory: 50

Orange Pickory: 500

White Pickories: 2500


GiGi: 1000

Mooskoos: 1000

Bocchollo (small green bird): 1000

Apokay: 1000

Domingo: 1000

Domingo-Popo: 2000

Gamumuht: 1000

Jamumuht (flint thrower): 1000

Finmoot (snowball thrower): 1000

BuiBui Plane: 1000

BuiBui Robo: 2500

Moja: 2000

Mojaja: 2500

Oja: 10000

Ojaja: 25000

Stage Clear

Number of LocoRoco (N): N * 3000

Clear Time Bonus: (Time to Beat - Clear Time) * 1500 per second (up to milliseconds)*

All Boing Bonus: 100000

Perfect Pickories Bonus: 100000

Perfect LocoRoco Bonus: 100000

Penalty for finishing beyond Time to Beat: Total calculated score reduced by 50%

Score calculation

Scores for Items and Enemies are doubled if obtained/defeated while Boing is active. Then after clearing the stage, the Stage Clear scores listed above are added (after which the score might be reduced by half if cleared beyond time to beat).

*Clear Time Bonus is calculated until milliseconds. For example, if you complete a stage in 1:30.55 within a time to beat of 2:00.00, your bonus is (2:00.00 - 1:30.55) * 1500 = (120.00 seconds - 90.55 seconds) * 1500 = 29.45*1500 = 44175 points.


  • LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is the only game to have few number of stages (16 + 3 DLC stages = 19), unlike in the first two games LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2, there were 40 and 25 stages in all, respectively.
  • LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is the only game where Mojas spit out a "fading" (near death) LocoRoco when hit.
  • In the previous game, the Lucky Charm is free, can be obtained by getting 300 musical notes, and can survive four hits. It was changed in this game, limited only to a one-hit survival and costing 100 pickories.
  • Also in previous games, larger species of Mojas devour more LocoRoco than a Moja itself. This is changed in this game where Oja and Ojaja devour always only one LocoRoco.
  • LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is the only game where the perfect total number of LocoRocos in a stage is less than 20, even less than 10.
  • Franzea and Perculoka are the only stages to not appear in LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.