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Jaojab 1 is the 4th level of LocoRoco 2. The level takes place in Jaojab hence the name.


Explore deep into the jungle! Giant statues sleep in the ruins. Butra-gabbley's tongue snaps fast!

Items Found

  • Capla Tapla Seed
  • Vocal Wavestone
  • Dokkola Tree Root
  • Yummy Nut

Rescue the butterflies

  1. Flower #2 (LocoRoco #3)
  2. Flower #6 (by the foot)
  3. Flower #14 (secret area to the upper right of steps, with lots of Butra-gabbleys)
  4. Flower #16 (first flower after the moving bird statue)
  5. Flower #18 (hang on to the vines after the moving bird. Make sure you don't fall down edge. Then swing then jump to hit flower)

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