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Gamumuht loves mischief and can surprise LocoRoco with a shout.
— Description in the Stamps at Page 4



Gamumuht (がムムット Gammutto) is a short blue standing creature with hairs. They love mischief and can surprise a LocoRoco to turn them individually.

Gamumuht usually lives in CaloCaro but can be also found in Jaojab. It was ultimately rare to see one at Yamboona Tree.


Axe Gamumuht

— Description in the Stamps at Page 4

Axe Gamumuht

Axe Gamumuht

In Jaojab there is a variety of a Gamumuht. It is a normal Gamumuht but holds MuiMui's ax and can fade a LocoRoco if a LocoRoco was hitten by the ax.


This Gamumuht from CaloCaro throws torches at LocoRoco!
— Description in the Stamps at Page 7

In CaloCaro, another variety, known as Jamumuht, throws torches and also fades a LocoRoco if hitten. They were green in color with black hair.


Gamumuht lives in the snowy peaks, and throws snowballs at LocoRoco!
— Description in the Stamps at Page 3

In Shamplin, there lives one more variety. They were known as Finmoot. They throw Domingo's snowballs at LocoRoco. They were grey in color with white hair.

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