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Galanmar is a female Moja elder who first appears in LocoRoco 2.


Galanmar is a short, white-haired Moja with common pink eyes and "hungry-like" mouth. She wears black boots and a black dress.

In her mutated form, she transforms herself into a living Moja muck bomb filled with black flying spikes. In the ending, she reveals her true self as a giant amount of Moja bunyo, with giant pink eyes and glasses.


After the LocoRocos make their way to Dolangomeri, they rescue her from the annoying BuiBuis. After this event, she heads to the Yamboona Tree and plays a game called "Loco Race."

Galanmar Umasked

By having the player zeroed out the total number of Moja bunyos in all stages (you can check it by pressing the triangle button while in the world map), Galanmar rises up in the sky, and starts to collect the black muck, only to make herself a giant bomb of Moja bunyo which would "eat" the cheerful LocoRoco World.

However, the MuiMuis turn their plane on, and fly to the Giant Galanmar Mutant Muck Bomb. After 3 physical battles, 3 "corridor" battles (in which you make your way through the next point you'll fight Galanmar), and an effort to make Galanmar stop growing bigger, the muck bomb explodes, and Galanmar makes one final attempt to get back to the LocoRoco World, which blows her away into the darkness of space, where she gets together with Majoliné and Bonmucho, and together they go back to the Moja Planet.


In beating the last boss battle, this requires thumb endurance, as you will have to press O repeatedly in the whole course of the mission, and on the last phase where Galanmar reveals her true colors, you will have to do it crazily so that she will retreat, or else, it's game over no matter how many surviving LocoRocos you have.


  • The repeated pressing of the O button should not be too fast nor too slow.
  • Use the background music's beat as the guide.


  • Whether it is confirmed or not, it is possible that Galanmar is the mother of Majoliné and the grandmother of Bonmucho or maybe she has no relationships with the two.
    • However, In the Loco Stamps description of Mutated Galanmar, Galanmar is described as Bonmucho's friend.
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