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Franzea 2 is the 16th level of LocoRoco 2. The level takes place in Franzea hence the name.


Glide through the air on flower fluff! What a whimsical way to travel! The MuiMui ride on fluff all the time.


  • GiGi
  • Olmee
  • Humming Nyokki

Items Found

Rescue the butterflies

  1. Flower #3 (LocoRoco #4) (first flower you get to while floating)
  2. Flower #9 (seesaw in the area with the GiGi and Moja)
  3. Flower #10 (first flower, over to the left, while floating the second time)
  4. Flower #15 (secret wind area to the upper right)
  5. Flower #18

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