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Franzea 1 is the 1st level of LocoRoco 2. The level takes place in Franzea hence the name.


What a beautiful flower garden! Olmee the mouse came here to live. Where could he be sleeping?


The level starts with a fall past some red flowers and landing on a pink flower platform. Jumping up to the purple flower on the left and further left reveals a hidden area with a berry. Continuing right, four orange flowers can be bloomed for musical notes followed by two berries. A floating circle provides another berry but also has a thorn. There is a small drop onto a ledge that will not move until the MuiMui has been collected. There is also a berry bud next to it. The LocoRoco have to split to continue.

They will land on yellow flowers with a GiGi hovering nearby. There is a hidden area to the left of the flowers with Pickories and a berry. Past the yellow flowers is a bunch of wilting flowers, and clearing the black clouds will make them dance. There is another berry and then a vine that will grow if its end is touched. The LocoRoco can split up and squeeze under the gap at the end of the vine and where they can float to a hidden berry on the wall on the right, and a MuiMui on the left. There is a Doonga Doonga that will give another item. Jumping left will blow the LocoRoco back up to the start of the vine.

After the vine there is a drop to slide down and land where four berries will suddenly grow. Rocks block the way, but a sleeping Olmee can be sung to if five LocoRoco remain. It will wake up and roll into the rocks, clearing them, then crash and get stuck in the wall. A large flower has lots of fluff to grab onto, and a gust of wind will blow it into the next area. There is a slow descent to collect Pickories and a berry, with a secret ledge on the left providing another berry. A Moja will appear further on, revealing a berry when it is defeated. Past the dip in the ground is another berry, but if the LocoRoco remain in the dip for a second, a pink Nyokki will carry them up. Jumping left, there is a yellow flower to land on followed by a purple flower where there is a berry bud. There is a hidden ledge on the right from here where a MuiMui waits. Jumping back down onto the Nyokki, on the right there is a floating berry to collect and a drop to slide down. Down here is a hole to jump in to collect an orange Pickory. Past the item is a hidden tree, and a hole to climb into the fruit to collect an item from it.

The LocoRoco must split up to get down the next hole where they will fall from flower to flower. The wind will take them close to the exit, but first there is a hidden area on the left with a bud on the ceiling, and a hole to climb in to sing to three flowers, providing that there are at least five LocoRoco. Jumping down to the right will bring them to the end of the stage.

If the stage is completed with all twenty LocoRoco, a bonus challenge will be unlocked where the aim is to collect five of the pink butterflies hidden in the stage and lead them to the exit. They will fly away when scared.


  • GiGi
  • Olmee
  • Humming Nyokki

Items Found


  • Despite the description says that Olmee is a mouse, he's actually a hedgehog.
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