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Domingo Mama is a level of LocoRoco 2. The level takes place in Shamplin but it mostly takes place inside Domingo-Mama.


Domingo-Mama is sound asleep. Let her eat you, and then spank those Mojas bouncing around inside her!

Items Found

  • Yummy Nut
  • Big Bone
  • Nella Tree Sap


Locations of the 3 MuiMui:

  1. In the water area at the start, go left when you see the first moving spike-with-fruit ball instead of right into a small indent in the wall. You will slide through, make your way past the moving spike balls, and find the first muimui.
  2. There is an area after the first button to make the penguin stand up, with two bouncey spots on the floor and five bouncey orbs suspended in the air above. Make your way up to the top right corner of the room via bouncing to go through the fake wall and collect a muimui.
  3. After you hit the second button to make the penguin head-dive into the snowbank, slide back down, move across the bed of spikes on the danglely things and avoid being drawn up into the flower tube to roll right into a hidden area with the last muimui at the end.

Where to find the king?

After the first swimming section, you will come down a long slide and end up sitting on a bone area. To the left is a secret area.

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