Consepontowa is the theme song sung by Priffy's voice actress, Leah.

Consepontowa can be heard when playing as Priffy in the Franzea, when playing the second demo level in LocoRoco or when beating challenges (Find the King, BuiBui Race).


Pie tu quebule consepontowa, met tu besser fumuquontowa
pulqui datu quenatourler, fontere que rassu
Pie tu quebule consepontowa, met tu besser fumuquontowa
pulqui datu quenatourler, quon ti et
Oui quan ilpol despetu, oui quan ilpol despetu moe
Quan tu mau ni-e, soun cu mau ni-em
Suivante quonton a-pramua mocham pleanas quo-chesse four
Quan tu mau ni-e, suan cu mau ni-em, sfiçe fon marfargen, fasvan ho-bifigen
"Font tie queraiso. Ulquidatu, quanetaule"


Consepontowa (Priffy's Theme)02:02

Consepontowa (Priffy's Theme)

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