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Chuppa Poohs are strange bird-like creatures who can fire LocoRoco high in the air. They mainly live in Chapo-Wahr in LocoRoco 2. Chuppa Poohs are more powerful than Chuppas.


Chuppa Poohs are another type of Chuppas; but the difference is that they are taller than normal Chuppas and have brown skin and red with maroon spots on it's back.


In LocoRoco, it can be seen in the world map section and it also appeared as a bumper for the Loco House and the Loco Editor.

LocoRoco 2

In LocoRoco 2, the Chuppa Poohs inflate like a balloon and fire LocoRoco much further than normal Chuppas.

Midnight Carnival

There is a mini-game known as "Loco Ball" where a Chuppa Pooh fires a LocoRoco into targets across the screen. This is similar to Chuppa Chuppa because you can control the power of the Chuppa fire.

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Intro. in LocoRoco 2

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