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Chuppa Chuppa is a mini game located in Chapo-Wahr in LocoRoco and located in Chapo-Wahr, Perculoka and Shamplin in LocoRoco 2.


The game costs 100 pickories to play on one game.


  • LocoRoco - TBA
  • LocoRoco 2 - Unlocked after the LocoRoco saved the Chuppa from a cage in Dolangomeri 1.


The longer you hold the O button down the more powerful Chuppa will be!

If you hit a thorn, it's game over!

Collect many parts as you can!

The object of the game is to collect pickories and items, and reach Moflee's tail at the end of each stage. There are three stages of this minigame, in order of increasing difficulty: Chapo-Wahr, Perculoka and Shamplin.

To launch the LocoRoco, press and hold the O button. The longer you press O, the farther the LocoRoco will launch. Collect pickories and avoid thorns. Also, collect berries for an extra LocoRoco. There are only a maximum of 2 LocoRocos, so if one were hit by a thorn, a berry will appear somewhere in the stage to compensate. If all LocoRocos were hit by a thorn, it's a Game Over!

At the end of each stage, a Moflee will appear. Launch the LocoRoco to its tail to quit the game and bring home what you've collected. Otherwise, go on to the next stages.



  • Pickories (total of 78 if the player perfectly collects them all)
  • Parts for the Loco House and Loco Editor (found near the end of the stages)

LocoRoco 2

  • Pickories (total of 1200 if the player perfectly collects them all)
  • Items in the MuiMui House (found near the end of the stages)