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Has a singing voice like a trumpet. Can blow the LocoRoco up high.
— Description in the Stamps at Page 6

LocoRoco Chuppa


Chuppa (チュッパ) are strange bird/elephant-like creatures who can fire LocoRoco high in the air. They mainly live in Chapo-Wahr and Yamboona Tree, but can be found generally everywhere. When a LocoRoco bumps into them, they suck the LocoRoco (who cannot jump before it is launched) forcefully and rotates in whatever direction it was facing. The player can press both of the shoulder buttons at once to launch the LocoRoco high into the air. They will eventually launch the LocoRoco by themselves if the player does not do so manually. They are sometimes required to launch the LocoRoco on top of platforms and cliffs or into breakable walls to access hidden areas, but can be risky to use if there are Togeh around. The launch can be used to attack enemies but may put the LocoRoco in range of attacks if they cannot reach or miss them.


Chuppas have yellow skin and have a blue shell with yellow spots on its back. They have two legs (although it looks like there is only one when they're not walking) and long trumpet noses.

Chuppa Chuppa

Chuppa Chuppa is a mini-game is LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2. It is like golf in the fact that you control the power of the shot to fire a LocoRoco from one Chuppa to the next.


LocoRoco has only one Chuppa Chuppa level set in Chapo-Wahr. Only one LocoRoco is playable so it's a GAME OVER when you hit a thorn or eaten by a Moja. The LocoRoco can collect pickories and berries along the way. If the player is lucky enough to reach the end, an Item Insect is there, which will give them parts for the Loco House.

LocoRoco 2

In LocoRoco 2, it has three levels set in Chapo-Wahr, Perculoka and Shamplin. By grabbing a Moflee's tail at the end of every level, you can leave the game with all your pickories.


Chuppa Chuppa has its own theme music which is played by the creatures of the planet, with the Chuppas making the music for part of the song. Its "music video" can be seen on LocoRoco 2, entitled Nightly Forest Revue.

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