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LocoRoco Chavez
ColorGreen (body)

Brown (hair)

TitleCool Speed Freak
First AppearanceLocoRoco
Favorite ZoneShamplin
Theme SongBucho Mio
Voiced ByJack Merluzzi (dialog)

Cameron Earl Strother (vocal)

Chavez (チャベス Chabesu) is the green LocoRoco whose title is known as the Cool Speed Freak. He is unlocked as the sixth LocoRoco in LocoRoco and unlocked as the fifth LocoRoco in LocoRoco 2.


Chavez is a green-colored LocoRoco with brown four sets of hairs on top. He has green eyes, brown eye shadows and his eyes look like a sleepy and yawning look along the game. He also has a brown triangle shaped nose.

When Chavez eats a berry or absorbing a second Chavez, his four sets of hairs grows into seven set of hairs.


Chavez usually has a very daring personality, yet sometimes being very goofy and laid-back when around others. He is also aloof but is serious when in really matters. Chavez even speaks with a Spanish accent.


  • When you look at the change your LocoRoco screen, you will notice that his hair color is light brown; however when you select him in game, his hair color is dark brown.
  • Chavez, along with Budzi, are one of the only two LocoRocos that have a nose.
  • Chavez, Pekeroné and Viole are the only LocoRocos to not have their hair color match as their body color.
    • Not counting Pekeroné and Viole's dark colored hair schemes (dark maroon and dark violet hair respectively), Chavez is the only LocoRoco to not have his exact hair color match as his exact body color (Chavez has brown hair whilst his body color is green).
  • Chavez and Viole are the only LocoRocos who are not included in the LittleBigPlanet LocoRoco Costume Kit.
  • Chavez's name might come from the Spanish surname "Chávez". This could be reflecting his Spanish accent.
  • Chavez and Domingo's name somewhat shares a fictional character's name named Domingo Chavez from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Coincidentally, Chavez and Domingo's names are both Spanish and their habitats are in the Shamplin.


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