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Not to be confused with the ninth stage of LocoRoco 2, BuiBui Fort 3.

BuiBui Fort 3 is the nineteenth stage of LocoRoco Midnight Carnival and the third DLC stage overall.

Statistics and Level Info

Gold Medal Time: 3:55

Gold Medal Score: 500000

Gold Medal LocoRoco: 4

Gold Medal Pickories: 712


This level will give you a real test of all aspects of this game. When things fail or fall short, restart the level.

Part 1: Wall Gaps

The stage begins with LocoRoco being shot into the BuiBui machine, and then propels down. Boing starts automatically. LocoRoco lands on three springs that shoots you once you make contact. Then Boing carefully on the four boxes as they are rotating and you may lose balance. At the fourth box, jump up the gap. Pickories will guide you the wall-jumping direction. The next gap is tricky, you must wall-jump carefully to get through a very small gap with an orange pickory in it. Then jump through the remaining gaps until you encounter a large gap. Under the large gap is a platform you can jump on ONCE only. Then wall jump through the gaps. Going through the right gap you will encounter a small "hole" in the wall that you can get LocoRoco through. Continue wall jumping through wall gaps until you reach the next part.

Part 2: Launcher Arrows

Use pickories as your guide where to launch your LocoRoco using the launcher arrows. Jump up the gap at the right to move on to the next part.

Part 3: The Ropes

You will then encounter ropes that spawn from above. These ropes spawn alternatively with and without thorns hanging on them. It might be better to break the Boing combo so you won't hit the thorns. Wait for an empty rope to spawn and hang LocoRoco on it. Once you pass through yellow smoke you are released from the rope and land at a wheel below. Jump carefully and hang on the SAME rope. Another yellow smoke will release you. Jump to the smaller wheel at your right and hang on the same rope again. Once you encounter a gap below, release your LocoRoco from the rope (L+R button).

Part 4: The Moving Platform

By now you must have racked up Boings between the previous part and this part. Then land on the platform. Beware as the platform swings if you land LocoRoco on its sides. Get pickories along the way. When the path becomes diagonal to the right, break the Boing combo. BuiBui will shoot violet balls, trying to drive you away from the platform. Then you will encounter four "pistons" moving up and down with thorns in alternate positions. Do NOT stay on the platform as the first piston has the thorn at the bottom, and you might be hit. Instead, jump up that piston and to the third one, as the second has its thorn placed at the top. By now the platform must have moved slightly after the fourth piston, so land your LocoRoco on it. You will then encounter a spring that drives you away from the platform. Getting past the spring requires precise timing. Once you did it, break the Boing combo and avoid two Mojas. Being eaten by one of them means Game Over. You will then encounter 3 "X" platforms. Be mindful of the thorns in them and land flatly as possible, not diagonally. Get the fruit in the second "X" platform. Then land on the moving platform and jump through a small gap on your right. The gap will close once you get through it.

Part 5: Bouncing Area

The MuiMui is in the pit area of the left wall over the bouncing area. Land on all left bouncing circle platforms in a direction going up, and go through that pit area. Then grab some pickories before you get to the next part. Avoid the Moja squad.

Part 6: Conveyor Belts

Land on the conveyor belts and grab some pickories. Your Boings might lose balance since the belts are moving. But there are no enemies here, so take your time.

Part 7: Springs and Chuppas

Land on the springs. Remember to FULLY DEPRESS the spring before jumping to maximize your jumps. Be careful of thorns being thrown by BuiBui above. Then TOUCH the Chuppa at the 3rd jump to seep your LocoRoco in and prepare for the launch. Applying laws of physics and avoiding thorns being thrown, launch your LocoRoco and land on the spring on the right and on to the next one. Touch the Chuppa again and launch LocoRoco. This launch is easier, you will land at an area with a fruit. You now have 3 LocoRoco. Jump through a small gap and your LocoRoco is now at the last part.

Part 8: Last Part

Land on springs with pickories above. The BuiBui will start moving the thorns to the left, trying to crush you. Be quick and reach the goal! Congratulations!

In the pit area of the left wall over the bouncing area.


  • This is unarguably the hardest stage in the game, and even in the LocoRoco series. The degree of difficulty is paralleled to the stage of the same name in its predecessor on LocoRoco 2.

Gameplay Video

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival - BuiBui Fort 3

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival - BuiBui Fort 3

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