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Unlocked after putting the 3 smudged map pieces together at the MuiMui House, BuiBui Fort 3 is said to be the hardest stage in the game.

This level has no Mojas thriving in it, but has so much thorns. This will become a little bit easier if you collect 300 musical notes (which grants you 3-hit protection from all thorns).


The secret BuiBui base is all thorny! The BuiBui designed lots of tricks to stop anyone from reaching the goal.


  • Bui Bui
  • Bui Bui Robot

Items Found


Locations of the 3 MuiMui:

  1. near mojya muck,which is near something with a clown head
  2. near a breakable tile and wheels
  3. near a Chuppa


  • This is the only level in LocoRoco 2 where you only get 2 fruits, and the rest at the end of it.
  • BuiBui Fort 3 is notoriously the hardest level in the game, BuiBui Fort 3 does not feature much exploration, and, unlike the previous BuiBui Fort levels, the LocoRoco physics are normal; as the focus of the level is on the very difficult platforming.
    • The degree of difficulty of BuiBui Fort 3 is paralleled to the stage of the same name in its successor on LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.

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