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GenderUnknown; presumably male
SpeciesFormer MuiMui
First AppearanceLocoRoco 2
Favorite ZoneUnknown
Theme SongBuiBui
Voiced ByKemmei Adachi

The BuiBui are the evil version of the MuiMui . They are introduced in LocoRoco 2 when Majoliné kisses a MuiMui, causing it to become red and to develop their new attributes. They act in servitude to the Moja, an example being when they help Majolinè revive Bonmucho and then help him fight the LocoRocos.


BuiBui are similar to MuiMui except they are crimson in color and they have only one hair. The BuiBui's red body color symbolizes their misbehavior.


They enjoy pranking, malevolent experiments and causing trouble especially when it involves the suffering of the LocoRocos.


Like the MuiMui, the BuiBui have their own theme song called 'BuiBui' which is played as BGM for the BuiBui Fort stages. In LocoRoco 2, they exclusively sing their theme song when playing in BuiBui Fort. They can be heard singing when LocoRocos reach level 10 in a world. They also sing a version of 'Moja Song' which is played during the Mutated Bonmucho battle. In LocoRoco Midnight Carnival they sing a new version of the stage background songs (with the exception of 'Dadhi Dado Da' from Franzea and 'Uwauwauwau'). They also sing in place of the MuiMui in 'MuiMui Crane' which becomes 'BuiBui Crane'. 'Loco Rider' which becomes 'Loco Ball'. 'Loco Race' which is played in Bonus games and the Practice Area. And even the 'MuiMui Song' which is played at the BuiBui Shop. They also sing the main theme song of LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.


  • There is no significant cure for the BuiBuis to be turn back to MuiMuis.
  • When the Mojas left the Locoroco Planet, the BuiBuis stayed behind, and built the Midnight Carnival.

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