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A small stem berry

Berries are one of the few foods introduced in the LocoRoco series. They are proven to be the LocoRoco's favorite food. Every time a LocoRoco eats one, another LocoRoco is born, adding to its overall size. Not all berry plants in levels are fully grown, and a LocoRoco will have to get close enough to a bud, which may be hidden, for it to grow and produce a berry. Every level will have 19 berries to eat.


Berries look like red colored tulip bulbs with red and blue leafs attached to its stems.




The Cappulicho is similar to another variation of a "berry". It fools players into thinking it is a berry and it will eat a LocoRoco within seconds if not saved. The LocoRoco will try to eat the berry and get stuck on the tip. The Cappulicho can be easily distinguished from berries by looking at their stems and somewhat their movement.

In LocoRoco 2, there is another variation of a berry which is a flying berry (flies who were carrying berries similar to flies who were carrying fruits).